The Side Effects of Hemp Oil

Side Effects of Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is an amazing supplement and can act as a powerful healing agent. The demand for CBD Oil (Cannabidiol) has risen dramatically over the course of the last few years due to its ability to cure chronic plights naturally. Although hemp oil can facilitate healing and act as a natural agent in the relief of several ailments, irritations and injuries, hemp oil yet and still contains a few side effects worth taking a very close look at and doing as much investigating and probing as possible before use. This article will discuss the researched side effects of Functional Remedies Full Spectrum Hemp Oil when using, in conjunction with, hepatic drugs and the effects it may impose on a person who is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. This article will also discuss how hemp oil can contribute to low blood pressure, dry mouth and tiredness.

Hepatic Drugs and Parkinson’s Disease

Hepatic drugs are designed to treat various liver diseases. One side effect of hemp oil is the obstruction of the metabolism of hepatic drugs and decrease in p-glycoproteins, which are plasma membrane proteins. These proteins act as a local mechanism moving drugs out of each cell membrane and cytoplasm (jelly-like material enclosed by cell membrane).

High doses of hemp oil can escalate tremors and muscle movement in people fighting Parkinson’s Disease. suggests avoiding high doses of hemp oil when dealing with liver issues and expresses the importance of consulting a doctor when using the supplement.

Low Blood Pressure

High doses of hemp oil can also cause a decrease in blood pressure. This could potentially cause light headedness, fainting, blurred vision, nausea, fatigue and lack of concentration. These side effects are extremely serious and could be detrimental to your body and day to day activities. If you experience any of theses symptoms contact a doctor immediately.

Dry Mouth and Tiredness

Other side effects of hemp oil include dry mouth and tiredness. Dry mouth is also referred to as “cotton mouth” and is only temporary but can cause an extreme amount of discomfort and irritation. This side effect can be solved simply by drinking a glass of water and remaining hydrated thereafter. Some people have reported experiencing tiredness/fatigue as well. To combat this, Functional Remedies suggests that the supplement be governed by a tincture, capsule or salve before bed. These remedies should also be brought to a doctor’s attention before attempting to use them.

The side effects of using hemp oil as a supplement are few yet critical and understanding them entirely is extremely important to one’s overall health and well-being. Consulting a doctor is the best and most proactive and reactive method to ensure the use of hemp oil does not affect your health as it stands and that there are no adverse effects or potential unwarranted interferences with the medication(s) you’re using currently. Refer to and to research more on the side effects of hemp oil.